Good News About Beer!

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Do you enjoy a nice Cold-N-Frosty beer after a ride?

If you’re like me you may enjoy a cold beer after a hard ride.  Now scientists

are finding that a brew may help lower your risk of cancer.  Beer marinades

help cut down on PAHs polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. These are

carcinogenic compounds that form when you grill meat when the juices and

fat fall into the flames (From a study by the Journal of Agriculture and Food


Different beers have different cancer fighting potential.  Guiness and other

black beers have the most effect, 50+ percent. Nonalcholic pilsner had a

20+ percent effect and pilsner has a 10+ percent effect.

The author of the study, Isabel Ferreira, says the effect is due to the

antioxidants and other compounds in the beer.

Earlier research also has shown that beer lessons the amounts of HCAs

heterocyclic amines that also has cancer causing effects. These form when

interacting with sugars, creatine and amino acids in high temperatures.

How can you avoid some of the cancer causing effects? Make a beer

marinade! Include herbs and spices like garlic, oregano, rosemary and basil.

Olive oil is another good ingredient.  I also like to include cumin, sage and


One of my favorite marinades is made from beer, BBQ sauce,

worchestershire sauce and various spices that I have onhand.  I hardly ever

measure the amounts. I mix the ingredients and add more to suit my taste.

Remember – Drink Resonsibly and Never Drink and Drive.