Seven Unusual Jobs You Can Do As A Cyclist


Mobile Billboard for

Get paid to ride your bicycle around your city.  Unlike a cycling messenger you will not have to race around town carrying packages or documents.  They are based in Seattle and employ bicyclists to ride around with a billboard in areas where people can view the ads. Check out their website if you want to become one of their ‘Brand Ambassadors’.


Fleet technician for

Zipcar is a ride sharing service.  They use a crew of technician to service the cars all year long.  The technicians topup fluids, replace flatted tires, make sure the car is clean as well as taking the car in to a service center for anything more serious.The technicians ride their bicycles to various Zipcar locations, they can also stash their bicycles in the cars as they move the cars.


Bicycle recovery for

Do enjoy the claw games in an arcade?  While you won’t ride for this job you use a huge claw to recover bicycles from the canals in Amsterdam. With so many bicycles in the city, some wind up in the canals where they can be a navigation hazard to boats.  The bicycles are pulled from the canals and taken to a recycling center located on a barge.  Some fifteen thousand bicycles a year are recovered from the water.


Traveling bartender for

Two gents from London, Joe Lewis and Ed Godden were on vacation  in Holland when they came up with dispensing drinks from their bikes. When they returned home they started Traveling Gin Company. They can stop at various locations where they serve cocktails and other drinks from the mixers they carry around.  I would think this may not work in all cities be sure to check your local laws and ordinances.


Bike party guide for

Arizona Party Bike and other companies hire cyclists to pilot these mobile bars around town. The partieis pedal the bicycle while you drive and the clients receive their drinks.  You will be the captain of your own moving parties! Check your local towns for companies that provide this service.


Flower harvesting for

St Germaine liqueur is flavored with elderberry.  You will ride the French Alps where you harvest and load flowers on your bicycle then ride to a collection center.  The harvest lasts about a month to a month and a half where you’ll work as an independent contractor getting paid by the weight of the flowers you harvest.


Moving goods via cargo bike/trailer for

Cargo bicycles/trailers are a great eco-friendly way to move goods short distances. You can move household good, business good, etc and get paid.  While you may not imagine a cargo bicycle/trailer as a moving van they can carry quite a bit of stuff!